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Welcome to NWU Town Residences

Please note: These are female-only residences.

Where you have the unique option of staying off campus but still being a part of a sisterhood. The NWU Town residences we currently accommodate are Bellatrix, Dinki, and LaVaria. With membership, you can participate in all the sisterhood’s activities and events. These residences have a variety of accommodation options available including standard, sharing as well as bachelor apartments. All these residences have 24/7 security as well as state of the art bio-metric access systems. They are all situated close to NWU and the Bult area allowing residents to safely walk to classes and back. Some of these residences have unique features such as *gyms, social areas, and swimming pools. All of which are FREE to be used by the residents (*Available at selected residences).

Please note: OppiKampus only assists with accommodation and is not a part of NWU. In order to become a member of these NWU Town residences you will need to contact NWU and register for membership. Please click on this link for more info related to NWU Town residence membership .

Alternatively, if you require assistance please click here fill out your details and we’ll contact you!