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Annexure B - Repairs & Maintenance

In addition to our residents happiness, our maintenance is equally important. 

We have standard procedures we follow at the end of each rental term to ensure all residences were taken care of in the same way that we would have. Firstly – the inspection of your unit together with the finalization of repairs (if required).

To say nothing of previous years experiences, herewith is a summary of typical defects, abuse, accidental and or intentional damages we found together with their estimated costs (where applicable). Furthermore you may request a copy of the inspection form when the final move out inspection has been done at the end of your rental term. If repairs & maintenance is required, the Landlord will appoint the necessary contractors to sort these out. The costs will be deducted from your current rental deposit available. This letter merely serves as an indication of what the standard costs related with the inspections would be.

However in all rental damages, you are welcome to assess and rectify accidental damages if your subscribed contractor or yourself can rectify the damages to the standard in which you received the unit at a more acceptable price. Repairs or Maintenance done by yourself / your subscribed contractor must be done within an acceptable time period being 7 (seven) days after the occupant has moved out of the rental unit.

Estimated repair costs applicable during the current rental term:

  • 1. Cleaning a unit:
    • ± R 995 per unit, incl. the communal areas (like bathroom & kitchen)
    • ± R 497 per bed, incl. the communal areas (like bathroom & kitchen)
  • 2. Plumbing:
    • Unblocking a drain if there are objects found that are not supposed to be there. ± R676
    • Unblocking a toilet if there are objects found that are not supposed to be there. ± R676
    • Replacing a shower head ± R1051
    • Replacing a toilet seat ± R852
  • 3. Electrical:
    • Globe replacement ± R85
    • Repairing 3-point plug (misuse of tenant) ± R676
    • Replacing of prepaid electricity card ± R488
  • 4. General / Other repairs:
    • Door handle replacements in bedroom or kitchen ± R710
    • Aluminium window handle ± R449
    • Hinges of cupboards (per cupboard) ± R654
    • Bedroom paint ± R2 608
    • Bathroom paint ± R1 006
    • Communal Area paint ± R2 608
    • Replacement of a broken light cover ± R1 006
    • Chair replacement ± R983
    • Microwave oven replacement ± R2 268
    • Fridge replacement ± R3 632
    • Broken tile replacements ± R790
    • Worksheet replacement – Kitchen ± R2 268
    • Worksheet replacement – Bedroom ± R1 472
    • Deep cleansing mattress ± R540
    • Mattress replacement ± R2 925
    • Bed and base replacement ± R2 665
    • Curtain rail replacement ± R1 131
    • Door replacement ± R2 444
    • Shelf in cupboard replacement ± R540
    • Labour p/h ± R540
    • Call out fee (once off) ± R449

For more information of if you have any questions, please contact us.