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Looking for Student Accommodations in Potchefstroom?

We know that finding student accommodations in Potchefstroom can be a stressful tedious task to say nothing of all the packing and the goodbyes that come with it. With the number of students in Potchefstroom increasing annually we know that finding and securing your accommodation is equally important.

Uniquely OppiKampus aims to simplify this search as much as possible by providing you with the best and widest variety of Student Accommodations available. It is nearly impossible not to find your perfect home with us. Check out all these amazing available residences. Each coupled with their own unique set of features. Not to mention the different options available at each one.

Male & Female student working together at The Lofts Student Accommodation
Group of students with two males greeting each other at Baccalaureus Student Accommodation
Four diverse students chilling together happily at Mooizicht Manor Student Accommodation
Three students laughing at their electronics at The Oaks Student Accommodation
Four students happily hanging out at Mooirivier Apartments Student Accommodation
Group of students with two females walking in front at Sofia Student Accommodation
Group of students working together at Campus Living Student Accommodation

In addition to these residences, we also have NWU town residences available (Bellatrix, Dinki & LaVaria – Female only). If you are interested in any of these please click here.

Please note: OppiKampus does not form a part of NWU and strictly assists with accommodation for these town residences. We cannot assist with the membership / belonging to these town residences. For NWU membership please click on the town residence of your choice NWU BellatrixNWU DinkiNWU LaVaria. Alternatively please contact NWU, click here for their contact details.

If you have any problems navigating your way around or cannot find what you need, please contact us. We are here to assist you!