(This annexure is subject to amendment from time to time)

Above all The Tenant is strictly liable for compliance with the rules by him/her and their visitors and for payment in respect of any damages caused by
him/her or their visitors and for any penalty imposed on him/her or on any of their visitors in terms hereof.

    • on the common property except with the consent of the Landlord in the case of special circumstances e.g. a visually impaired person.
    • A Tenant of a section shall ensure:-
      • that all refuse is deposited in the communal refuse area;
      • before that refuse is placed in the communal refuse area bin, while securely wrapped in a suitable strong plastic bag. Another key point is in the case of tins or other containers, that all are completely drained before placed in such plastic bags and refuse bin.
      • For the purpose of having the refuse collected, place such plastic bag within the refuse bin.
    • An owner or occupier shall not allow any refuse for the disposal of which he is responsible, to remain in any entrance or passage, staircase or any other part of the common property, contrary to Rule 2.1 above.
    • No broken appliances or any furniture or vehicle parts may be disposed of in the designated refuse area or on any part of the common property at any time whatsoever.
    • No owner or occupier shall park any vehicle upon the common property outside of his designated parking bay or permit or allow any vehicle under the control of a visitor to be parked or stood upon outside of parking areas on the common property designated for visitors. The Tenant must only park on his/her designated parking bay.
    • Trucks, caravans, trailers, boats or other heavy vehicles may not be parked on the common property.
    • Parking is at own risk and responsibility of the tenant / visitor. There will be no liability for loss or damage on the part of the Landlord or Owner or its Agents whatsoever.
    • All owners and occupiers shall:-
      • Observe all road signs on the common property;
      • Not exceed a speed of 15 (FIFTEEN) kilometres per hour when driving their vehicles on any part of the common property;
      • Ensure that their vehicles, do not drip oil or brake fluid on the common property or in any other way deface the common property including the exit and entrance gates.
        • Owners or occupiers shall not:-
          • Drive their vehicles within the common property in any manner that creates a nuisance;
          • Allow any unlicensed person to drive any vehicle within the common property;
          • Dismantle or effect major repairs to any vehicle on any portion of the common property, an exclusive use area or in a section;
          • Reside or sleep in a vehicle or any part of the common property;
          • Play loud music;
          • Occupy more than one open parking bay at a time
        • Every person must ensure collection of his or her parking disk from his or her Rental Administration Office upon receiving his or her keys, the parking disk must be clearly visible at all times and be attached to the windscreen.
        • Bicycles may only be stored in the bicycle storage areas at tenants own risk and responsibility.
        • Scooters and motorbikes may only park in the designated areas at tenants own risk and responsibility
        • Day pass parking: a parking day pass will be issued on request at the office at a cost of R50.00 p/day
        • Parking is available but needs to be pre-booked. When you book a parking you will receive a parking disc with the allocated parking number. Be sure to park on your specifically allocated parking bay at all times. Any vehicle parked on an unallocated or unmarked space or without a parking disc will be clamped and fined R350.00 (THREE HUNDRED AND FIFTY RAND).
        • All vehicles is the tenants own risk and no damages will be the responsibility of the Landlord.
    • As far as minor alterations, fixtures or additions are concerned, an owner, Tenant or occupier of a section shall not mark, paint, drive nails or screws or the like into, or otherwise damage, or alter, any part of the common property.
    • An owner or person authorized by him or her shall not construct, attach to, fix to on any part of the exterior of buildings, including balconies, or place or construct on, or fix to any part of the common property any alterations, fixtures, satellite dishes, solar heating systems, air conditioners, chimneys, canopies, awnings, shade covers, carport covers, steps, braai’s or similar items
    • Any structural alteration affecting a section and the common property; and alterations to work to plumbing, electrical installations or conduits, are strictly prohibited.
    • No actions may be done or permitted on the premises that may potentially cause damage to the premises, or which may be potentially harmful to neighbours or other tenants, or may increase the risk of fire to the premises, or in any way compromise the insurance regulations that the landlord has with regards to the premises.
    • The Tenant of a section shall not place or do anything (including but not limited to washing) on any part of the common property, or a section, including but not limited to balconies, patios, stoeps and gardens which, in the discretion of the Landlord, is aesthetically displeasing or undesirable when viewed from the outside of the section.
    • Tenants shall ensure that sections are provided with adequate curtaining or blinds at all times and within 3 (THREE) days after taking occupation, if applicable.
    • No items which, in the discretion of the Trustees, are aesthetically displeasing or undesirable may be hung over walls, in windows, in corridors or on any part of the building or the common property so as to be visible to the public or other occupiers.
    • The Tenant may not store or leave any object on any part of the common property, or allow or permit it to be so placed, stored or left.
    • All tenants and their visitors have to be properly dressed before leaving the unit. The tenant may not leave her room or visit any communal area or entrances clothed in undesirable or displeasing clothes (for example slippers and pajamas).
    • No Tenant shall place any sign, notice, flag, billboard or advertisement of any kind whatsoever on any part of the common property or of a section, so as to be visible from outside the section.
    • A Tenant of a section shall not deposit, throw (including out of windows or over boundary walls), or permit or allow to be deposited or thrown, on the common property any rubbish, including dirt, cigarette butts, food scraps or any other litter whatsoever.
    • No broken appliances or any furniture or vehicle parts may be disposed of in the designated areas or on any part of the common property at any time whatsoever.
    A Tenant of a section shall not hang any washing or laundry or any other items in windows or on balconies or on any part of the buildings or the common property so as to be visible from outside the buildings or from any other section. Laundry rooms are provided for washing purposes. Remove all clothes from the washing machines directly after use.  All pockets are to be emptied of coins as well as hair accessories before placing laundry into the machine. Please take note that the Landlord is not responsible for washing being removed/stolen from the washing lines. Please take note of the instructions of the washing machines. (r/e Powder directly on the clothes, sta-soft in the middle holder, bleach in the bottom left corner)

There are also coin operated tumble dryers available at an additional fee which is currently R30.00 (THIRTY RAND) per cycle.  Please do not insert drenched clothing into the tumble dryers.

    • No Tenant of a unit shall allow more persons / parents to reside in a unit at any one time other than set out in the lease agreement or with prior arrangement.
    • The Tenant may not have anyone else stay in or occupy the premises in his/her absence.
    • The Tenant must be registered as a full time student at a recognized educational institution.
    • No visitors will be allowed after 24h00 unless prior arrangements have been made with the Rental Administration Office for a sleepover. Sleepovers must be booked & paid for in advance during working hours. Receipt must be shown to security. No adhoc arrangements (No sleep first & pay later).
    • The Tenant shall keep his section free of cockroaches, white ants, borer and other wood destroying insects and to this end shall permit the Landlord /Agent to enter upon his/her section from time to time for the purpose of inspecting the section and taking such action as may be reasonably necessary to eradicate any such pests.
    • An owner, Tenant or occupier will be responsible for adequate supervision of his or her visitors, and shall foresee that no nuisance is caused or common property damaged.
    • In the event of damage of whatsoever nature being caused to the common property, including exclusive use areas, by a Tenant or any of their visitors, contractors or employees, the tenant will be responsible for the costs of such repair.
    • No trading or business activities of any nature or extent shall be allowed on/in the property – neither in sections nor on common property.
    • The Landlord will not be held liable for any belongings of the tenants in their units. Tenants must always ensure that their units are locked when they leave the unit.
    • The connecting of speakers, Xbox and other media on the public TV’s will not be allowed. You will be fined and a warning will be issued.
    • Please leave your bathroom window open while you shower and when you leave the unit to avoid any smells and mould against the walls due to the steam of the hot water.
    • No Tenant may permit anything to be done in his or her section or on the common property, which constitutes a nuisance or an unreasonable invasion of the privacy of the other occupiers of the buildings or permit or cause any disturbance or allow his visitors to cause any disturbance which in the opinion of the Landlord would constitute a nuisance or an invasion or the right of privacy of the other occupiers.
    • All Tenants shall maintain complete silence between 22h00 and 07h00. The entertainment areas and facilities may nevertheless only be used until the time mentioned below, during exam times, as indicated: Mondays – Sunday 07h00 – 22h00. Complete silence to be maintained after these hours. Provided communal areas must be used for socializing events.
    • At all times, all television, radio and other appliances emitting sound, including musical instrument, should be kept at audio levels which are not audible from outside of the section.
    • Tenants must at all times ensure that the security and safety of all occupiers and their property is preserved, and all in particular must ensure:
      • upon entering or leaving the premises, all gates are properly closed;
      • that such gates are never opened for unknown or uninvited persons;
    • The only way that visitors may obtain access to the property is if they contact the Tenant to collect them from the gate and then personally let them out again. The tenant must sign their visitors in and out. No more than 2 (TWO) visitors will be allowed per section per day or per person at a time.
    • Movement within the property may be monitored by CCTV cameras which may not be tampered with.
    • Tenants may not request the Landlord’s supervisor or his staff to perform any task for them during their working hours. Tenants may not interfere with the employee in the performance of their duties and must give their full cooperation to such employees.
    • Should the Rules above be contravened, the Landlord may:-
      • impose a fine; or
      • refer it for decision by the Trustees or nominated person of OppiKampus, whose decision will be as per their sole discretion and final;
      • be entitled, but not obliged, to terminate the agreement of the tenant and /or to take such legal steps as he deems fit. If the landlord, in his sole discretion is of the opinion that any transgression of the house rules are of such serious nature that it constitutes a breach of this agreement, the landlord is entitled to take such steps required in order to cancel the agreement, without any previous complaints having been lodged and / or fines having been levied against the tenant.
      • criminally institute appropriate action;
      • impose more than one of the options mentioned.
      • Any fine imposed, must be paid within 7 (Seven) days after the offender has been notified of the imposition of the fine. If at the termination date of the agreement, any amounts/fines/additional administrative fees are still due and unpaid by the tenant, the landlord will be entitled to deduct such amounts due from the deposit of the tenant, prior to refunding any balance thereof to the tenant. The tenant hereby agrees to vacate the premises within 72 hours, without any legal steps being taken.


CATEGORY A – OFFENSE/MISCONDUCT1st time2nd time3rd time
Parking violation (not parking in allocated parking)R 200R 300R 600
Making noise during quiet timesR 200R 300R 600
Violate visitor rules / Not signing visitors in & outR 400R 500R 700
Untidiness (leaving common areas or rooms dirty)R 100R 200R 500
Not adhering to specified time periods/prohibitionsR 500R 700R 1000
Smoking in prohibited areasR 500R 700R 1000
Drinking in prohibited areasR 500R 700R 1000
Sleeping of guests in a room without prior arrangementR 500R 700R 1000
Misuse of infrastructureR 500R 1000R 1500
Create unauthorized Wi-Fi “hotspots” and misuse of the network systemR 500R 700
Bad language towards another personR 500
Minor damage to property, for example. Breakages (Clause 6.5)R 500
Sliding in corridors or similarR 500R 700
Missed Maintenance appointment made by Tenant/OccupantR 150
Tenant violates rule of conduct not specified herein (excl of serious nature)R 100R 200R 600
CATEGORY B – Offenses that can be criminally prosecuted, eg.:
· TheftRefer
· AssaultRefer
· VictimizationRefer
· Race related incidentsRefer
· Sleep Over cost (per person/per night) – with prior arrangement (not applicable in sharing options)R300
· Parking day passR50
· Extra parking disc (2nd Vehicle/Lost disc)R50
· Clamping FeesR350
· Lost Keys/Change of barrelR800
· Cutting new keysR100
· Opening of unit during office hours (07:30am – 16:30pm)R300
· Opening of unit after office hours (16:31pm – 07:29am)R800
· Relocation FeeEqual to one month instalment, payable on demand
· Copy of Agreement of LeaseR50
· Copy of Proof of residenceR10