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Welcome to Frequently Asked Questions. We know you must have questions and we want you to be clear on our processes.

For any questions not answered below, please don’t hesitate to contact us!


Q: How do I apply? 

A: You may apply to any of the residences / NWU town residences on our website. Alternatively, you can contact OppiKampus on 018 285 7400 our friendly staff will recommend a residence best suited to your requirements along with the relevant documentation to apply.


Q: How do I know if my application has been successful?

A: With each online application you will receive an email notification confirming your application has been submitted. The best way to secure your application is to pay the deposit, administration fee & mattress protector. 1st Months rent will need to be paid before you move in. 


Q: How will I know if a room has been allocated to me?

A: Your friendly Oppikampus team will inform you via e-mail of your room number, move-in dates, etc. 


Q: Can rooms/units be viewed before signing an application?

A: Yes. We would love the opportunity to showcase our stunning residences. To schedule viewings please call us on 018 285 7400 or mail us at info@oppikampus.co.za alternatively visit our offices and we will showcase your preferred residence (if showrooms are available / unit availability). Please check out the below link to confirm our office hours https://www.oppikampus.co.za/contact-us-student-accommodation/ 


Q: What is included in my room/unit?

A: All our residences are partly furnished, and consist of a comfortable single bed, stove, microwave, 2 plate stove / Oven (at certain residences), study desk with a chair and a bookshelf.* 


Q: What is a standard room?

A: The standard option is a private, non-sharing bedroom in a sharing unit (2 bedrooms). Each room has an en-suite bathroom with a kitchen shared by either 2 / 3 students from the 2nd room. 


Q: What is a sharing room?

A: The sharing option is 2 students sharing 1 bedroom in a sharing unit. Each room has an en-suite bathroom which will be shared by the roommates. The kitchen will be shared by either 1 / 2 students from the 2nd room. 


Q: Can I choose my room?

A: You may choose your room option; however, you may not insist on a specific room number unless you are a current Oppikampus resident that wishes to renew their existing contract and if current/renewal fees are up to date we will do our best to accommodate such requests if possible. 


Q: Can I choose a specific residence?

A: You are welcome to choose your residence of choice; however, it is dependent on the availability of units/rooms available there. 


Q: Can I choose my roommate?

A: You may choose your roommate if the residence option allows for sharing. If you already have someone in mind that you would like to share a room/unit with this must be mentioned to the relevant OppiKampus Staff representative while applying as the allocation of both students’ needs to be noted on both contracts to ensure they are allocated together. 


Q: What other services can be added to my accommodation?

A: Fibre & DSTV facilities are available however this needs to be negotiated with Safricom (Tel: 018 285 1000) & Tip Top TV (Tel: 018 293 0277) directly. Prices for our negotiated packages with Safricom are available at https://www.oppikampus.co.za/oppikampus-fibre/ 


Q: When does the contract start and end?

A: The standard term runs from 1 January –15 December. Please fill in the provisional application form on our website or contact our offices for information regarding deposit and payment requirements and terms.


Q: What fees are payable with my application? 

A: We will require the following to process your application as successful: Deposit, Administration fee (new contracts, Mattress protector & The 1st months rent (Only due end of the year prior to the new year starting)


Q: What fees are payable before I can move in?

A: The full application amount will need to be paid in full before you can move in (deposit, administration fee (new contracts, mattress protector & the 1st months rent). 


Q: Will my financial aid cover my OppiKampus costs?

A: It may. After the university charges are satisfied, available financial aid funds are usually  released to the student for non-institutional expenses – such as payments to OppiKampus. We suggest you confirm with you financial ad provider. Normal payment terms and deadlines will apply.


Q: When will I be able to move in?

A: The move-in date will be confirmed by OppiKampus staff once the room/unit allocation is complete. This is usually on the 2nd of January, also see below working hours for January & February 2020 below:


All Mondays to Friday – 08h00 – 17h00



Saturday 4 January – 8h00 to 13h00

Sunday 5 January – Office closed

Saturday 11 January – 08h00 to 17h00

Sunday 12 January – 08h00 – 13h00

Saturday 18 January – 08h00 – 13h00

Sunday 19 January – Office closed

Saturday 25 January – 08h00 – 13h00

Sunday 26 January – Office closed

Saturday 1 February – 08h00 to 13h00

Sunday 2 February – Office closed

Saturday 8 February – 08h00 to 13h00

Sunday 9 February – Office closed


Q: How will I be able to access my residence/room/ unit?

A: All new residents are captured on the biometric access system at the beginning of the year, and you will be able to access your residence via this system. You will be given a key for your unit, as well as your room (only applicable in shared apartments).


Q: Where are the residences?

A: All residences are centrally situated close to NWU & the bult area. All addresses are available on each residences page on our website along with a map that will guide you there.


Q: What security does OppiKampus offer?

A: Most of our residences have 24/7 security officers guarding, along with CCTV as well as biometric access. Residents are welcome to install security gates at their units, for their accounts. To conform to the current building finishes, management requires security gates to be installed by Bazooka / Greenlight Signs exclusively. They may contact Leon at 018 285 1096 or 082 856 2378.


Q: What should I do with my garbage?

A: Please make use of the communal garbage disposal areas, making use of the correct bags and tying them properly. If possible, please separate different recyclable materials. Please do not dispose of any broken appliances/furniture by leaving them in these areas.


Q: Is there parking available?

A: Yes. OppiKampus has safe & secure parking areas available (covered basement) at selected residences. The parking is charged at an additional fee of R150 monthly (R250 monthly at Mooirivier Apartments). An OppiKampus parking disc will be issued to you which would need to be displayed in your vehicle’s windscreen and be visible in your windscreen.


Q: Will there be available WIFI / Internet in my room/unit?

A: OppiKampus has joined forces with Safricom to bring you the best available packages at the best rate. Fibre is available at selected residences and is handled by Safricom directly. For more information please check Annexure E on our website or in your contract.


Q: Are my friends and family allowed to sleepover?

A: Yes, however, there is a sleepover fee of R300.00 per night / per person.


Q: Is there prepaid electricity in the units?

A: Yes, there are prepaid meters in all the units/apartments. Prepaid electricity is available from the Citiq App, OppiKampus offices or various local retail outlets (Super Spar).


Q: Will I be able to receive parcels via courier/delivery?

A: Yes, you may have parcels delivered to the OppiKampus offices for your collection from us.


Q: Is there a Gym?

A: Some of our residences do have gyms inside but this is not a feature available at all our residences. If you are specifically interested in gym access, please mention before applying and we can advise on the residences where there are gyms (Bellatrix, Dinki & Lavaria).


Q: Are there laundry facilities?

A: Yes, we have laundry facilities throughout our residences. Washing machines are free to use, however, the tumble dryers are coin-operated (R30 per bundle).


Q: What are the policies on smoking?

A: All indoor areas are smoke-free. There are marked designated smoking areas available for residents to use outside with ashtrays/sand bins available.


Q: Will my room be cleaned?

A: Unfortunately, you will be cleaning your room. Due to security reasons, no informal cleaners are allowed inside the rooms/units (unless the unit is being used for showroom purposes). Should you require cleaning services please contact Muller Ent. Cleaning services (082 470 1042) or Perfectly Maid (073 080 5598) for their pricelist and services.


Q: Does OppiKampus provide meals?

A: No. OppiKampus provides facilities to cook in your rooms / shared communal kitchens.


Q: How do I report a maintenance issue?

A: At OppiKampus we want you to be happy in your surroundings, to assist with this we have our maintenance department situated in front of Dinki building – Molen street access. You can either report any problems at this office or you can call on 018 285 7400 and ask for Maintenance to report. They will log a ticket for the repairs and a date & time will be confirmed with you as you will need to be present for the repairs to be conducted. Alternatively, contact our Maintenance department on 082 896 3374.


Q: How is OppiKampus staffed?

A: The OppiKampus student residences are professionally managed by full-time administrative staff and a team of assistants. These assistants act as liaisons to and ambassadors for the residents, providing customer service and support.


Q: Is there student support staff (Caretaker)?

A: Yes, all maintenance issues should be reported at the maintenance office in front of Dinki (1 Molen Street). Suggestions/complaints may be submitted to non-resident student support staff at 072 993 3469 or send a mail to customercare@oppikampus.co.za.


Q: Is OppiKampus part of NWU?

A: No. While we maintain a mutually supportive relationship with the NWU, OppiKampus residences are privately owned and professionally managed. We are the home to three of the female town residences of the NWU ie Bellatrix, Dinki and LaVaria. Students can register with the NWU at the residence of their choice at the following website www.nwudorpskoshuise.com.