The below FAQ consists of the most frequently asked questions.
Should your question not be answered here – don’t hesitate to contact us


Where can I find the annexures to my lease agreement?

How do I apply?

Complete the lease agreement for your preferred residence and return it to our offices along with the correct supporting documents as per the lease agreements required documentation.

How do I know if my lease agreement has been successful?

With each online lease application you will receive an email notification confirming receipt by OppiKampus. You will also receive a complete lease agreement via email.

The best way to secure your unit is to send the completed lease agreement (please make sure parent/guardian & student signs each page). Supply all the required supporting documents (as per lease agreement required documents) as well as the full first payment as per your lease agreement (preferred payment option and payment terms).

How will I know if a unit/room has been allocated to me?

Your friendly Oppikampus team will send you a welcoming/confirmation email confirming your room/unit number, move-in dates, etc.

Can rooms/units be viewed before signing a lease agreement?

Yes. We would love the opportunity to showcase our stunning residences to you! To schedule viewings please call us on 018 285 7400 or mail us at info@oppikampus.co.za.

Alternatively visit our offices and we will showcase your preferred residence (if showrooms are available). Should you be too far to view our residences, you are welcome to view our virtual rooms available on each residence page. Kindly take note of our operating hours for scheduled viewings.

What is included in my room/unit?

Most of our residences are partly furnished and consist of a comfortable single bed (base & mattress), 2 plate stove/full stove/oven, microwave, fridge & study desk with a chair and a bookshelf.* 1 Bedroom apartments can be partly furnished on request at an additional furniture as most of these residents prefer to bring their own furniture.

*Selected residences | T&C’s apply

What is the standard option?

Also known as the individual room. This options is a non sharing bedroom with own en-suite bathroom. Situated within an apartment that has a secondary adjacent bedroom. The adjacent room could have another 1 or 2 students occupying (depending on their accommodation option). The communal kitchen is shared by all occupants.

What is the sharing option?

The sharing room option is the most affordable option within our variety of accommodation options.
This option consists of a bedroom occupied by 2 students with an en-suite bathroom. The room is situated within an apartment that has a secondary adjacent bedroom. The adjacent room could have another 1 or 2 students occupying (depending on their accommodation option). The communal kitchen within the apartment is shared by all occupants.

Can I choose my room?

You may choose your room option if that unit/room is available. You may not insist on a specific room/unit number if it renewal has not yet been confirmed by the current occupant. Renewal tenants must also have paid to date in order to renew in their same unit.

Can I choose a specific residence?

You are welcome to choose your preferred residence of choice; dependent on the availability of units/rooms available.

Can I choose my roommate?

You may choose your roommate if the option allows for sharing. If you already have someone in mind that you would like to share a room/unit with this must be mentioned to the relevant OppiKampus Staff representative with your first enquiry/submission of your signed lease agreement as the allocation of both students’ needs to be noted on both lease agreements in order to ensure they are allocated together. Placement together will depend on unit availability.

What other services can be added to my accommodation?

Fibre & DSTV* facilities are available however this is for the tenants own account with our preffered suppliers – Herotel (Tel: 018 285 1000) & Tip Top TV (Tel: 018 293 0277) directly.

*T&C’s apply | Selected residences

What is the lease period?

The lease period is specified in your lease agreement. For alternative lease periods please contact OppiKampus to discuss options.


What fees are payable with my lease agreement?

First full payment as per your relevant lease agreement. Kindly check your relevant lease agreement (this would have been emailed to you upon submission of your online application) for the fees payable or confirm with an OppiKampus representative if you are unsure due to application statuses (bursary/renewal).

A new tenant will be required to pay a deposit, administration fee, mattress protector, 1st months rent (+Dec rental – only applicable on monthly payment terms).

What fees are payable before I can move in?

The fees payable will depend on the student & the lease agreement. Is the student a new occupant or renewal occupant and are they a bursary student or self paying? Kindly check your relevant lease agreement (this would have been emailed to you upon submission of your online application) for the fees payable or confirm with an OppiKampus representative if you are unsure due to application statuses.

A new tenant will be required to pay a deposit, administration fee, mattress protector, 1st months rent (+Dec rental – only applicable on monthly payment terms).

Will my financial aid cover my OppiKampus costs?

It may, however you will need confirm with your financial aid provider. After the university charges are satisfied, available financial aid funds may be released to the student for student accommodation expenses – such as payments to OppiKampus. Normal payment terms and deadlines will apply. The tenant/occupant remains liable for any payments relating to accommodation that exceeds the maximum capped bursary allowance (prepaid deficit as per lease agreement).


Where are the residences?

All residences are centrally situated close to NWU & the Bult area. All locations & addresses are available on each residence page along with a google map that can guide you there.

How does the generators at Oppikampus work?

The generators DO NOT supply electricity to student rooms during loadshedding. Electricity is supplied to all essential services which includes lighting, security operations, access control and 220V sockets in all public areas.

What security does OppiKampus offer?

Most of our residences* have 24/7 security officers guarding, along with CCTV as well as biometric access. Residents are welcome to install security gates at their units, for their account. To conform to the current building finishes, management requires security gates to be installed by Bazooka/Greenlight signs exclusively. They may contact Leon at 018 285 1096 or 082 856 2378.

*T&C’s apply | Selected residences

What should I do with my garbage?

Please make use of the communal garbage disposal areas, by using the correct refuse bags and tying them closed properly. If possible, please separate different recyclable materials. We have marked recycle bins available at selected residences*. Please do not dispose of any broken appliances/furniture by leaving them in these areas.

*T&C’s apply | Selected residences

Is there parking available?

Yes. OppiKampus has safe & secure parking areas available (covered/basement). Parking is charged at an additional fee as per the lease agreement and is paid once off annually. An OppiKampus parking disc will be issued which must be displayed in your vehicle’s windscreen and be visible to security.

Will there be available WIFI / Internet in my room/unit?

OppiKampus has joined forces with Herotel to bring you the best available packages at the best rate. Fibre is available at selected residences and is for the tenants own account through our preffered supplier Herotel. For more information please check the Annexure E as per your lease agreement.

Are my friends and family allowed to sleepover?

Sleepovers are only permitted in the standard, bachelor & 1 bedroom apartment options. This is not applicable to sharing options. Sleepover fee of R300.00 per person/per night. Sleepovers must be pre-arranged at our financial offices and paid before hand.

Is there prepaid electricity in the units?

Yes, there are prepaid electricity meters in all the units/apartments. Prepaid electricity is available from the Citiq App, most banking apps as well as from OppiKampus offices and other local retail outlets (Super Spar).

Will I be able to receive parcels via courier/delivery?

No. If a parcel is sent to you at the residence, you must collect it yourself from the courier/delivery company.

Is there a Gym?

Some of our residences do have gyms inside but this is not a feature available at all our residences. If you are specifically interested in gym access, please mention this to your OppiKampus representative and they will advise you on the residences that have gyms available.

Are there laundry facilities?

Yes, we have laundry facilities throughout our residences. Washing machines are free to use, however, the tumble dryers are coin-operated (R30.00 per bundle).

Can a washing machine or dishwasher be installed in the units/rooms?

Front loader washing machines or a dishwashers may be installed in the units at My Molen, Sofia, The Bell, Fairview, The Oaks & Mooirivier apartments

What are the policies on smoking?

All indoor areas are smoke-free, including the units. There are marked designated smoking areas available for residents to use outside with ashtrays/sand bins available.

Will my room be cleaned?

You are responsible for cleaning your room. Due to security reasons, no informal cleaners are allowed inside the rooms/units (unless the unit is being used for showroom purposes). Should you require cleaning services please contact Muller Ent. Cleaning services (082 470 1042) or Perfectly Maid (073 080 5598) for their pricelist and services.

Does OppiKampus provide meals?

No. OppiKampus provides facilities to cook in your rooms/shared communal kitchens.

How do I report a maintenance issue?

At OppiKampus we want you to be happy in your surroundings, to assist with this we have our maintenance department. You can report any problems via our online maintenance request form, at our office, or you can call on 018 285 7400 and ask for Maintenance.

A ticket will be logged for the repairs and a date & time will be confirmed with you as you will need to be present for the repairs to be conducted. Alternatively, for after hour emergency assistance please contact 066 501 5622.

How is OppiKampus staffed?

OppiKampus is professionally managed by full-time administrative, financial and maintenance staff.

Is there student support staff (caretaker)?

Yes, for after hour assistance in the residences you may contact our non-resident student support staff at 076 329 6372 or an email can be sent to customercare@oppikampus.co.za

Is OppiKampus part of NWU?

No. While we maintain a mutually supportive relationship with the NWU Potchefstroom campus and are NWU accredited & recommended. OppiKampus residences are privately owned and professionally managed.


When will I be able to move in?

The move-in date will be confirmed by OppiKampus once the room/unit allocation process is complete. Working hours for January, February and March to be confirmed, please refer to our website for operational hours.

How will I be able to access my residence/room/unit?

OppiKampus will confirm which administration office to report to in order to complete your move in process in January. All new residents must captured on the biometric access system to have acccess to their residence. You will be given a key for your unit, as well as your room (only applicable in shared apartments).

Can I move in after hours?

Move ins must be completed during office hours. You must first receive your key and be registered on the biometric acccess system before access can be gained to the residence. If you have your key, you may move in at any time.